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Friday, January 8, 2010

God Will Never Forsake You

I know its not easy believing when it seems all hope is gone. When your world seems to crumble ALL around you and yet you have to go on.

When you pace the floors back and forth wondering WHY is this happening to me. When you look all around you for just some sign of relief.

Just remember the God who made you will Never forsake you and He will be there til the end.

Theres no mountain high enough nor any valley low enough that He can not take your through.

Just remember the God who made you will never NO never forsake you.

Written By: Becky Blevens
July 18th, 2003

Monday, July 21, 2008

Why Getting Self Funded Should Be A TOP Priority

Many of us at times find ourself disgruntled.

Searching for a way to make a little extra

As a Business Coach I talk with people every
day who are looking to make some extra money.
Suprisingly most say if all they made was a
couple hundred to a couple thousand a month
extra they would be happy. Then WHY do so
many adds talk about becoming a millionaire.

When MOST people would be happy to be called
you wonder doesn't it. I mean in reality
having your business pay for itself is such
a Wonderful feeling, being self-funded should
be your main goal...

WHY Become Self Funded?

Truth: The quicker you
become self funded the longer you are more
likely to stay with your business.
Nobody is going to continue paying out of pocket
for very long. Maybe 30-90 days max. Every now
and then you may find people that will stay
longer. ES: They may really like the product
or program.

The rule of thumb in general is that most people
will only sponsor 2-3 people max. IF your business
takes more than 2-3 people to get self funded you
may want to consider adding a company that you can
get self funded with these numbers.

This approach is known as the stair step system.

Find a lower end program that only requires a 2-3
members to become self funded. Once your
self-funded in your low end program then you may
want to look into another program (s). This way
you have a team already established that you can
market too.

Be sure and share your success stories with your
downline and be available for them to ask questions.
Remember IF they do well so will you.

Becky Blevens

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

How To Be a Friend by Listening Instead of Speaking

We have all found ourselves in a situation with a friend where we would rather give her the what for than just sit still and listen.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

How To Start A Home Business For $20

There is so much misconception online about starting a home business. Many people think that if they purchase the higher ticket items, they will succeed much faster, only to find that they are just that much deeper in debt.

The $20.00 Guide is designed to show you that there are many ways to start earning an extra income without breaking the bank.

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Friday, September 28, 2007

How To Remember God During Times Of Loss

We do not always know why bad things happen. It is so easy to lose faith, when you feel God has forsaken you. But always remember he is as near to you as your next breath. Just close your eyes and feel His presence. Do not give into despair; the Lord your God won't leave you...

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Friday, September 7, 2007

Can I Count on YOU?

As a Business Coach I often find that people have the Hardest time with follow up letters.
Here is a letter that you can use to send out to your prospects. Feel Free to edit some of the content to make it fit your Opportunity. This is just designed to give you an Idea on what kind of follow-up emails to send out.

Subject: Can I Count on YOU?

Hi I noticed that you still have not made the decision to Join my team. Maybe you have not got all of your questions answered. If so get with me, or join me on Our Training Calls. Call Schedule

My main reason for writing is to ask Can I Count on You?

What do I mean? I know that not everyone who says they are Interested are really Interested. (this may not be your time, people lives are always changing) I know not everyone will Join my team.( this may not be what you are looking to do) I know that not everyone is going to even try Our __ Guarantee. I know this because I am a realist.

Now I know that you are looking to make additional Income. At the very least you may be wondering if the product can help you or maybe you want to look at all of Our Products. Each of them has a ___ Day Guarantee.

To view all of Our Products go to: Your Product site

But what I really want to know is Can I Count on You to be on the Level with me. Let me know what you are looking for. What questions you still have. If you are wondering if the __ Day Guarantee is for Real. Then YES, YES and YES. Every product has a __Day Guarantee. You will not find this with any other company or product. I can assure you of that.

To Get Your Answers Today Go To: Your Website

Look Forward to Your Replies
Team Leader
phone number

Written by Becky Blevens

Becky Blevens is a Successful Home Business Coach. Visit to see How she can Help you Market Your Online Business Effectively.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Achievement Only Comes When You Look Beyond Self...

Many times when people get started working for themselves. They immediately want to get self funded....this often proves to be a Big Mistake

A BIG MISTAKE: Many times when people get started working for themselves. They immediately want to get self funded. So they go out head strong to find their first few members. This often proves to be a BIG mistake. For they have forgotten the golden rule. You only Achieve by Helping Others First. Let your prospects first get informed about Your Opportunity or Product. Invite them to Your Conference Calls or at least a 3 way. To where they have a chance to get their questions answered.

EXCITEMENT IS A MUST: Now Don't get me wrong. Excitement for what you are doing is a must. Whether it is a product or service that you are promoting. But don't be a Butcher. Do not get so wrapped up in Building a Huge empire that you forget to help your members. Oh you might make it to the Top in a Hurry but you are building on Sand. Invest time in your members and they will in turn be their for the long haul. In other words you want to build with Brick and Mortar.

LITTLE EFFORT = LITTLE RESULTS You are now in Business for yourself. If you do not invest the time and effort into learning your New Business it will be NO more than a Hobby. So treat your Business like a Business and it will reward you handsomely. You reap what you sow. Little effort brings little results. So START now and Invest in your Business. Learn your Product or Service. It is your Future.

YOUR FUTURE STARTS TODAY: Your Future starts today. Forget mistakes of yesterday and cleave to today. Your Tomorrows will be brighter. Remember The Golden Rule "Achieve by Helping Others First."

Written Bye: Becky Blevens

Becky Blevens is a Successful Home Business Coach. Visit to see How she can Help you Market Your Online Business Effectively.